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The average Canadian produces about 2.7 kilos of waste each day. What happens when a lot of garbage amasses at once? For example, you finally cleaned out that old shed and ended up with a mound of garbage that you don’t know what to do with.

Dumpster rental is an excellent answer to your problem. The company shows up, drops a bin at your house (or place of business), and you fill it up. Once you’re ready, the company comes back and hauls it away. Easy peasy.

Of course, it’s only easy if you choose the right company. Read on for some great tips on how how to choose a dumpster rental service.

What Do They Accept?

First off, what do you need to get rid of? Not all bin rental companies accept the same types of waste.

It’s standard that bin rental companies don’t accept toxic or chemical waste, but each company’s list of accepted items may vary slightly. Also, some companies don’t allow you to mix certain types of materials.

Just be sure to tell the representative what you’re planning to get rid of and they can give you your options.

Bin Sizes

What size bins does the company offer? For some residential projects, you may only need a small bin. However, some companies may not offer a bin small enough for your needs.

That means you’ll be overpaying for bin space that you don’t need.

Many companies start their bin sizes at 10 yards. We offer a more economical 5-yard bin option for those who are throwing out a smaller amount.

Customer Service

The way a company treats its customers is important in any business and a bin rental company is no different. Does the way the representative treats you make you feel valued by the company? Do they go the extra mile to ensure that you receive exactly what you need?

For example, we know that our customers may not know how to calculate the bin size they’ll need for their project. We are happy to help you choose based on our extensive experience. Simply tell us a bit about your project and we’ll recommend the right size bin for you.

Is the Price Right?

It can be a good idea to get a quote from two or three local companies to ensure that you are getting a decent price. However, remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best option. The same is true for the most expensive.

Rather, use your price comparison as a guide to ensure you are being quoted a fair price. Then evaluate the company based on the other factors we’ve mentioned to make your decision.

Dumpster Rental to the Rescue

You can try to squeeze your extra waste into your regular garbage service bin each week. But that’s not a convenient way of getting rid of your extra trash.

Hire a dumpster rental company instead. Load up your garbage and watch it disappear, never to be seen again. Just like that!

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