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One of the best ways to make sure you have no problems with the pick-up of a waste bin from Miller Bins is to understand the things to avoid in the use of the container. Keep reading to find out the top seven things to avoid and you’ll enjoy a smooth process from start to finish.

1. Trees, Brush, and Rocks in the Dumpster

Earthy types of materials like rocks and trees can cause damage to even the toughest built disposal bin. These bins are designed to hold items like construction debris, old bicycles, or appliances. Other types of removal services will have to be used to take care of stones, rocks or trees.

2. Hazardous Waste or Combustible Chemicals

Chemicals considered caustic, poisonous, or flammable should never be placed in a waste bin. One problem it can bring is an accidental mixing of chemicals. Some have the potential of forming dangerous gases and fumes that lead to injuries when inhaled. Flammable petroleum products can lead to a fire.

3. Too Much Weight to Top or Sides in Dumpster

A disposal bin rental must have the weight evenly distributed to avoid problems and safety hazards with pickup. It may be tempting to add heavier items to the top to make more room, but it ends up causing a top-heavy situation you will have to rectify before it can be safely removed from your property. Too much weight on any end will also create an unsafe load situation. Try and keep weight in mind as it gets filled.

4. Be Honest About the Time Needed for the Dumpster

Waste dumpsters are in high-demand and companies like Miller Bins have to carefully schedule drop-off and pick up for a myriad of customers. It is critical to know the amount of time you need and try not to extend it on a per-day basis. Be realistic about the time your project will take to complete.

5. Debris Sticking Over the Edge or Top of Dumpster

Miller Bins offers a variety of sizes in dumpster rental to offer you flexibility in your project needs. Everything needs to fit inside the dumpster without overhang or anything protruding from the top for safe pick up and disposal.

6. Expect Added Cleaning Fee for Stains, Spilled Paint or Vandalism

You can count on a durable, clean disposal container delivered timely from Miller Bins. It is expected you will make sure it is protected from vandalism, paint spills, concrete, and other material spills that cause stains, and unsightly messes. You can expect an added cleaning fee if damages and spills have to be cleaned before sending the container to the next customer.

7. Expect Extra Fees if the Dumpster is Deemed Unsafe for Pick Up

If you request a pick-up and the dumpster is not ready or it’s determined to be in an unsafe condition for transport, you will be assessed an added fee for the trip. The reason for this is the cost of the fuel and time of the driver to come out to your location. Being mindful of all the items above will help you have the bin in ready-to-pick-up condition.

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