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Beneficial waste management always begins at the source of disposal and should include strict policies for tossing items away that are deemed harmful to the environment. You should exercise due diligence when seeking a disposal bin rental from Miller Bins and set guidelines in place to avoid the following five items from heading to the landfill. It’s worth taking the time to help protect and preserve the environment.

Tires and Petroleum Products

No one wants to think of one day drinking a glass of water out of the tap laced with petroleum products. It’s a real and present danger when products like old tires and motor oil are sent to the landfill. Even though it may be tucked away safely in your rental from Miller Bins, once it’s emptied the petroleum stands a good chance of leeching into the water table. Tires are also a fire hazard and can be difficult to extinguish once they begin burning.

Vehicle Batteries

The batteries from vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other off-road equipment contain lead. It’s toxic when introduced to the water supply. Small children and pregnant women are at high risk of poisoning and birth defects with higher than normal levels of lead in the body. It can also prove fatal in high amounts. Find a proper disposal service that handles lead batteries. As tempting as it might be to save a few dollars on disposal, it isn’t worth placing people and the environment in harms way.

Recyclable Metals

Metals like steel, copper, and aluminum should be kept to the side and not sent to the landfill in a container from Miller Bins. You are helping reduce the impact and footprint on the environment by providing more materials to recycle into new products. Recycling metals is also a great way to earn a little extra cash, especially when you have it piling up in large amounts. Take advantage of the savings and help the environment at the same time.

Paints, Stains, or Cleaners

Most types of chemicals are harmful to take to the landfill in their liquid form. Rather than placing them in your rented bin from Miller Bins, contact your local government agencies and find out where safe drop-off locations are that collect and dispose of chemicals like paints, stains, and household cleaners. You are bound to have a location near you that offers convenient drop-off days and hours.

Styrofoam Containers and Packing Materials

Styrofoam is desired for its ability to keep food and drinks hot or cold for long periods of time. It’s also used in shipping items to help insulate or cushion products. Materials like Styrofoam and packing peanuts should be disposed of separately, and should not be tossed into your rented bin.

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