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Every project is unique.
Miller Bins offers different sized bins from 5 yards to 20 yards to meet you needs.

Disposal bins are delivered to your home
disposal bins come in different sizes
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Do you have a construction project coming up and aren’t sure which kind of bin you should be using?

People use bins for a variety of reasons, including for construction, home improvement, spring cleaning or recycling projects. No matter the reason you need a garbage bin, turn to the experts at Miller Bins for help. We offer affordable bin rental to meet your every need.

The amount of rubbish you’re trying to get rid of will determine the size of the bin that you need. It’s important to pick the right size so that you don’t end up overpaying or not having enough space to fit everything.


We understand that people need bins for different reasons and projects. That’s why we offer garbage bin rental for:

  • Construction projects
  • Spring cleaning
  • Home improvement projects
  • Decluttering
  • Moving
  • Recycling
  • Waste removal

Your project requires the right bin for the job. Let Miller Bins help.


Some people want to use bins to throw out extra items around the house, while some businesses need bins to haul away tonnes of leftover debris and construction materials. That’s why we offer different bin sizes to meet your project needs.

From our convenient and small 5-yard bin to our robust 20-yard bin, we can provide the bin that you need to conveniently throw away and store debris and waste.

5-Yard Dumpster

Although not all 5-yard dumpsters are the same, a standard one is going to be 12 ft. long by 5 ft. wide by 2.5 ft. high.

Ideal use:  Shingles, soil, household garbage, small house renovation projects, and yard waste. ALL INCLUSIVE JUST $250

Anything more, and you’re going to want a bigger dumpster.

5-yard disposal bin

10-Yard Dumpster

Typically, the dimensions of a dumpster that’s 10 cubic yards are 12 ft. long by 6 ft. wide by 4 ft. high. This size is equivalent to about four pickup truck loads of rubbish. Because a 10-yard dumpster is relatively small, you have to make sure that you won’t end up overfilling it.

You might feel that overfilling will save you money from having to rent a larger bin. This is wrong, however. When your garbage is piled over the bin’s rim, the removal truck will most likely not haul away the dumpster. Taking an overfilled dumpster on the road is a major road hazard.

10-yard bins are typically best for bigger household garbage and home renovation projects.

10-yard disposal bin

15-Yard Dumpster

The dimensions of a 15-yard dumpster are usually 12 ft. long by 6 ft. wide by 5 ft. high. Still, on the small side, this sized dumpster is used mainly for decluttering projects like a garage cleanout. and home renovations like a bathroom or kitchen remodeling.

It’s also useful if you need to throw away special materials like dirt, concrete, or shingles.

15-yard disposal bin

20-Yard Dumpster

Holding 20 yards of cubic waste, a 20-yard dumpster usually has dimensions of 12 ft. long by 6 ft. wide by 6 ft. high. This is the perfect dumpster for larger cleanups. Also, remember to keep an eye on the weight limit.

A standard 20-yard dumpster weighs about 3 tons. The bin rental company is most likely going to give you a weight limit of how much you can add to the bin. And if your bin ends up being too heavy to take on the road, you will most likely have to remove debris until it satisfies the weight limit.

20-yard bins are ideal for household garbage like garage or basement cleanups. They’re also great for construction material such as flooring removal. And if you’re removing around 3,000 sq. ft. of single layer roof shingles, this is the right sized bin for you.

20-yard disposal bin


We understand that everyone has a budget they need to adhere to. That’s why we offer affordable rates on our bin rentals. You’ll be able to have the bin you need at a price you can afford.


Not sure which bin is right for your project? Don’t worry! Miller Bins can help. Our knowledgeable staff can go over the parameters of your project and recommend a bin size based on our findings. You won’t have to worry about a too-small bin or overcharged pricing.


To schedule your garbage bin rental, please call us at 905-967-3333 or fill out our online form. We look forward to serving you!

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Great experience. They were understanding and I really felt like they cared. The flat rate was cheaper than anyone else in the area

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Very impressed and happy with Heather’s prompt service. Called after business hours to leave a message, received a call back from Heather within 15 minutes and got a clean shiny bin dropped off to my driveway the next morning.

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“Best prices and excellent service. We received the bin right away, and friendly people.”

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